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A trip to Foam Museum and Vondelpark

Peppelini Wednesday 17th of May 2023 


I love Wednesdays. Pepp’s school closes at 12:45 already. The first thing we do is to eat some fruit and play in the park. I usually let her play as long as she wants, but we have a father-and-daughter activity on Wednesdays. Yesterday we went to the Foam Museum.


Pepp loved it there. She was totally immersed in some of the photos and it inspired her to take photos of her own.

Foam museum Amsterdam

So far we’ve been to Moko, Stedejlik, and Rijksmuseum. Our favorite building is the Rijksmuseum. The impressive, majestic brick building is always crowded and holds many world-class painters. 

On our way to Museum plein

But Rijksmuseum feels a bit uptight, too strict, and formal for kids. The Moko Museum, however, is cozy, cute, and mysterious. The art is newer and wilder; in their own words, “Moco Amsterdam celebrates Modern Masters - artists, who we believe, stand out for their exceptional contribution to art, culture, and the world at large. Modern art that inspires us to question the world and hope for a better future.”

You find Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Yayoi Kusama, and many others here. As I’m writing this, on May 18, 2023, Banksy has an exhibition. There is also immersive digital art that Pepp loved. 

Immersive art

Usually, we have a Ramen lunch before the museum visit, but this time the weather was so good we went for ice cream instead. Can you see from the pictures what Ice Cream she chose?

Chocolate Ice Cream

We drove off in our Bakfiet to Pepp’s favorite park in Amsterdam, the Vondelpark. Vondelpark is huge and beautiful, with people from around the world. We played until non of us had any energy left, and then we went home for a well-deserved dinner with Mom.

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