The Peppelini



The idea behind Peppelini was born by us, Stina and Nima, when we got our baby-girl Vivienne Pepp back in November 2018. When it was time to shop for her clothes, we couldn’t find anything we liked. Sometimes the clothes were cool and cute, but the quality was unacceptable. Sometimes the quality was ok, but the design was dull. So, we decided to create our own brand, Peppelini, named after our daughter Pepp. Stina began designing clothes, and Nima searched for ways to produce the clothes in the fairest and most sustainable way possible. After two years, we have finally found the ideal materials, finishing touch, and a manufacturer we are proud to call partners.

There were some key aspects for us when producing out clothes. 


Make the clothes in the fairest and most sustainable way possible. Let’s go beyond Greenwashing and do it right from the beginning.


Create an incredibly soft and cozy feeling. Our daughter Pepp always chooses the most comfortable clothes for herself. So our aim is to surpass all other brands when it comes to coziness.


And lastly, of course, the clothes have to look cool! Stina is a world-class architect who have spent her whole life matching perfect color combinations with beautiful patterns. Add some playfulness to it and you have… Peppelini