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Sustainable & Cozy: The Search for the Perfect Kids Clothes Material

Importance of sustainable kids' clothes

Sustainability is, with all rights, a significant concern in today's world, and this also applies to kids' clothes. We did extensive Research to find the best material for our clothes. The aim was not just environmentally friendly material but also uber comfort for kids. This blog post will take you through our journey to find what we think is the perfect material for our super cozy clothes.

The Search for Sustainable Material:

We had several criteria in mind when we searched for suitable material. The material needs to be eco-friendly, durable, and comfortable for kids. When we found out about Tencel, it exceeded our expectations.

Because Pepp had Tencel pants, We knew the thinner jersey could be suitable. But we weren't sure about the thicker sweatshirts and so on. But once we started getting samples home from factories, we realized Tencel is PERFECT for making sweatshirts. If you add a Fleece finish to it, you get the coziest Kids' Clothes Ever Made.

We're lucky that the material we selected is not cotton and still makes comfy clothes. Bamboo, for instance, can be comfortable, but I always think bamboo clothes rip apart easily. Tencel doesn't. The material is also breathable, soft, and durable, ensuring that kids are comfortable all day long. We have only received samples yet, but we have received positive feedback from parents and kids.

Making sure the clothes are sustainable:

As parents and clothing brands, it is our responsibility to ensure our clothes are comfortable and more sustainable than all our competitors.

It's fair to say that we are proud to have found such a reliable and trustworthy partner in Lenzing. We urge our customers to read more about their products on www.lenzing.com

Initially, after not knowing what material to use, we are now sure we have an option that is responsible and makes cozy clothes. We think we are proving that they don't have to be mutually exclusive. 

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