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Our IVF journey

Our IVF journey.

About us and our road to IVF

Stina and I met late in life. We knew right away we wanted kids together, but considering our age, we didn’t know if it was possible or not. We went to an IVF clinic here in Stockholm, which told us our chances were slim, close to zero. As usual, Stina and I ignored the odds and tried anyway.



First steps of IVF

Step one: To increase egg production to have more eggs to fertilize, Stina started with the hormone treatment by injecting herself with a shot of HGC every night. We had both heard nightmare stories of women becoming emotionally volatile during this process. We agreed that even if the IVF didn’t work, we would still love each other, and life would be good anyway to release some of the pressure. Our attitude was, “whatever happens, it’s for the best.” 


Most people fail on the first attempt.

Our first attempt, just like many other people's first attempt, was a failure. We could only fertilize and insert two eggs. The doctors told us straight away that our chances didn’t look good. 

Negative pregnancy test

This was in November of 2017. Before that, we had sold our apartment, bought a new one, worked day and night on top of our regular jobs to plan our Tuscan wedding. We rented a castle for a week and invited all our favorite people. It was a wonderful wedding, and our guests loved it. But to manage a wedding abroad for a hundred people on a tiny budget meant we had to do everything ourselves. 

It was the best weeks of our lives, and our guests loved it, but it took a toll on us. 

A much-needed rest

When it was over, and we finally got to go home and rest in our new apartment, we found ourselves in the middle of a construction site. The workers started early in the mornings, and our entire apartment was filled with boxes, we didn’t have a kitchen, and it was dust everywhere.

Long story short, we chose the wrong time to do the first IVF.


Taking extra care of ourselves before the next attempt

We waited a few months before we gave it another shot. We tried to relax as much as possible and focus on our wellbeing by eating right, not stressing, listening to our bodies.  

How IVF works

A few months later, we went to the IVF clinic in Falun. We did the same procedure again; only this time, the doctors told us they managed to fertilize four good eggs. What’s a good egg? This article will explain it better than I can. https://www.inviafertility.com/blog/blog/infertility/azzurrifan/eggs-the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly/




The egg developing process is shown in this video.


After one day, one cell turned into two cells; after two days, two cells became four, and on the third day, all eggs were ten cells. We inserted two of them to increase the odds, but we were still told not to get our hopes up. I think we both kept the attitude that everything would be fine no matter what happened. Even after the first ultrasound, we didn’t dare to get our hopes up.

However, on the second ultrasound, we could see Peppelini YAWN! Not only once, but twice! This tiny living human being inside Stina’s stomach yawned! At that moment, everything felt real, and we dared hope to enter our hearts.


PregnancyRecommendations and learnings from our IVF experience.

Calculating odds the right way: Sure, the odds were stacked against us. And since it was expensive, we could only afford a few tries. It may sound like a stupid bet. However, the upside of success is infinite. Once you have kids, you’re introduced to a new dimension of love. You thought you knew what wellbeing was before, but everything changes once this tiny human enters your life.

New Born Love

Conclusion and life lessons from the IVF. 

I strongly recommend that both the woman and the man focus on their wellbeing for a while. Actually, I always recommend you make wellbeing your number one priority, especially during this period. Everything else will follow once you’re in a great place in life and have harmony and health.

Give each other love and support. Make sure you get to know each other and yourselves the best you can to know: what makes the other person happy. What does she like to eat? What makes her tired. How can I help? How can I make the other person feel as good as possible?

Be as relaxed as you possibly can. I guess we should always live like this, but life is complicated. We all demand so much from ourselves that we forget to pause, breathe and ask ourselves how we feel and what we need. We tense up when we focus solely on producing results and reaching our goals.

Stay as relaxed as you possibly can! The most significant breakthroughs I’ve had in my career and life have been when I’ve been completely relaxed, felt good about myself, and was in peace with the world. 





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