Our design is timeless, refined, and playful. We create our clothes knowing they will last for a long time to come—perfect color combinations creating harmony, delightful patterns given to us by nature. 

Kids love colors, and so do we. And we don't believe boys like blue and girls like pink (studies have proven this).

Most people think there are 8-10 colors we can see, others believe there are a billion different colors, but in reality, there are decilions (one decilion = 1033). Just like music notes, you can create harmony when mixing the colors.

We take inspiration from other brands, but nothing gives us more inspiration than nature. Have you ever seen a Romanesco Broccoli? Or a Happy Alien Flower? Nature provides us with the most mind-boggling design, way out of our imagination.


And, of course, a big part of the design is durability. No more wear and tear; throw the clothes out after only one child gets to wear the item. Peppelini garments are made with love, and we demand our customers to treat them with the respect they deserve.