The Peppelini family consists of us, Nima, Stina, and our little daughter Pepp.

Stina and I met late in life. We knew right away we wanted kids together, but we didn't know if it was possible considering our age. We went to an IVF clinic here in Stockholm, which told us our chances were slim, close to zero. As usual, Stina and I ignored the odds and tried anyway.

Step one: Stina started with the hormone treatment by injecting herself with a shot of HGC every night to increase egg production so that we would eventually have more eggs to fertilize. We had both heard nightmare stories of women becoming emotionally volatile during this process. To release some of the pressure, we agreed that even if the IVF didn't work, we would still love each other and life would be good anyway. Our attitude was, "whatever happens, it's for the best." 

Our first attempt was a failure. We waited a few months before we gave it another shot. We tried to relax as much as possible and focus on our wellbeing by eating right, not stressing, listening to our bodies. 

A few months later, we went to the IVF clinic in Falun. We did the same procedure again; only this time, the doctors told us they managed to fertilize four good eggs. What's a good egg? This article will explain it better than I can.

After one day, one cell turned into two cells. After two days, two cells became four, and on the third day, all eggs were ten cells. Here is a video showing the process.

 We inserted two fertilized eggs to increase our odds, but they still told us not to get our hopes up. I think we both kept the attitude that everything would be fine no matter what happened. Even after the first ultrasound, we didn't dare to get our hopes up.

However, on the second ultrasound, we could see Peppelini YAWN! Not only once, but twice! This tiny living human being inside Stina's stomach yawned! At that moment, everything felt real, and we dared hope to enter our hearts.

On the 13th of November 2018, little Pepp was born. 

When we started shopping for her clothes, we realized most of the clothes out there are made with total disregard for ethics and our planet. We know, most often, when a piece of clothing is very cheap, it's not ethically and environmentally made.

So, we decided to make super comfortable clothes kids can wear, and parents can wash over and over again without getting destroyed. We wanted to move away from cotton; we wanted everyone involved in the process to be happy and treated fairly. 

The result is Peppelini.